Notary Mobile Plus, Your #1 source to all notarized documents
Our company is your number one source for professional legal services that require a Notary Public.  We are not only mobile notary service where we come to you, but that's not  the Plus part in Notary Mobile Plus. 

We offer many services that you may need to assist in a situation needing a notary aside from the the Notary's witness/affirmation of the document(s).  Do you need it printed? Fingerprints? Is it on a disc or flash drive?  Need a document also?  Having the document(s) e-mailed?  Need the documents shipped or sent overnight to our location?  Need a 2nd set as a copy? Fax confirmations?

No problem.  We do it all.  Yes that simple.  Contact us for a free quote.

Just browse over to our "services" tab (on top) to learn more.   We surpass the competition in many ways, in not only price but in value as well.

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Sept 25. 2009 |  We have updated our Testimonials page. For more info, please visit our "Testimonials" page.
May 1. 2009 | We are very excited to announce that our company has been certified by 123Notary.Com as experienced loan signers.


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"Your #1 Source To All Notarization Documents." 
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